Jaret Burkett

Full Stack Software Developer

Cedar Park, Tx Web . Desktop . Servers . Graphics . Machine Learning Current Employment: Neural Pixels (Owner) View More

Personal Details

  • Age: 35
  • Marital: Married
  • Nationality: American
  • Availability: Now
  • Relocate Ok?: Possibly
  • Remote Ok?: Preferred

About Me

I started my first business at 13 mail ordering computer parts from catalogs, building computers, and selling them in the newspaper. I built my first website at 14, back when a guestbook was considered cutting edge tech. On the weekends, I would help my dad load and haul Oilfield rods and tubing by hand. Growing up in West Texas, I ended up working in the Oil Field just like everyone else, but my passion and my hobby was always programming.

I worked my way up in the Oil and Gas business over the course of 14 years until I was in high level management. I managed operations and was continuously building software to improve the workflow of our employees and systems to monitor and automate our equipment. In my free time, I built numerous websites and startups.

Even though I got to spend a lot of my time programming and developing systems at my job, I wanted to do it more. It was my passion. The company I worked for began to wind down its operations and it was a good time for me to exit and pursue my passion for software development exclusively.

Since then, I have never been happier. Programming is both relaxing and fulfilling to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love every day.

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From Jan 2020 To Present

(9 Months)

Neural Pixels, LLC Austin, TX


I have considered myself a machine learning researcher for over 5 years now. There is very little machine learning software that is cross-platform and can run with very low end requirements. My goal with Neural Pixels was to fill that void. At the time of this writing, we have 3 desktop softwares avaliable for Mac and Windows. I designed the models inside of each using Python and Tensorflow. The softwares themselves are all Electron based written in Typescript with React. For the inference engine, I am currently using Tensorflow.js, which does the computation with WebGL, which allows the software to run with GPU acceleration on almost any hardware without the need for CUDA, or even a GPU.

I do not have any employees, instead, I do everything myself, which is about 5 full time jobs, and it feels like it as well. My wife thankfully handles all of the social media, which is a big help. We have had some succcess, but we really need to run a large advertising campaign to get better adoption, which is not a financial possibility at the time.

From March 2019 To Jan 2020

(10 Months)

Incline Engineering and Consulting, LLC Remote

Project Lead

I worked as a Project Lead and my primary task was developing and maintaining their Petrofieds.com website, which is an Oil and Gas classifieds site. I started the site with OSclass as a base and developed the site from there. The stack uses an Ubuntu Server hosted on Digital Ocean, Docker, Nginx, Mysql, and PHP. I handled the entire development from start to finish.

We faced the typical adoption issues that classified sites face, and unfortunately we were not able to overcome that barrier.

From Jan 2017 To June 2018

(1 Years 6 Months)

Ostris, LLC Austin, TX


Ostris, LLC was my contract software development entity. I developed numerous specialized applications for customers from machine learning, servers, tracking systems, employee management systems, to basic websites. I was the sole owner/developer.

In pratice, I spent 90% of my time searching for clients and handling invoices, 9% of my time building simple Wordpress websites, and only about 1% was working on the more difficult projects that I really enjoyed.

From June 2017 To Feb 2018

(9 Months)

NiceHash Ljubljana, Slovenia

Software Developer

Nicehash is the largest cryptocurrency mining marketplace in the world. I came on board to work on the mining software and to help develop v2. The web development team left shortly after I joined the company with incomplete, early alpha version of the v2 website. I took over the web development side as well. I was the solo web developer for a while and developed the marketplace, email systems, and a help desk system. I was also one of two developers for the miner software and managed the servers, built countless systems, created graphics, etc. We released v2 of both the miner and the website a few months later.

When I came on board, we had around 70,000 active users with a goal of 100,000 users. Within a few months, we reached over 700,000 active users. I loved my short time working with Nicehash, but as the company grew, they began to move everything to the offices in Slovenia. It was not the right move for my family, so I unfortunately had to step down from my position.

From Jan 2017 To Jul 2017

(6 Months)

Area432, LLC Midland, TX

Full Stack Developer / Instructor

Area 432 is a hacker space / development firm based out of Midland, TX. I worked as a full stack developer and an instructor. We would build custom applications (web based,desktop, mobile), websites, production systems, and servers that would improve the workflow for our clients. I worked with Python, Javascript, Node.js, Electron, Wordpress, Java, Grails, MySQL, SQLite, and many other languages and frameworks to upgrade legacy systems and/or create new systems.

We also hosted a weekly meetup and classes where the owner and I would teach programming, Linux, databases, infrastructure, and various other topics to the hackerspace members.

From Sep 2011 To Jan 2017

(5 years 5 Months)

Cobalt Operating, LLC Midland, TX

Vice President of Operations

Cobalt was an Oil and Gas startup that my father put together. I managed and oversaw all field and many office operations. I frequently met with/found investors, designed and oversaw numerous drilling, rework and re-completion operations, managed employees, and worked in the field turning a pipewrench.

I also built many custom systems to ease the employees' workflow. I created an electron/web based invoice processing/labeling/filing system from the ground up, a mobile app to monitor and track the status of wells, a mobile app for pumpers to input tank readings that were automatically evaluated and stored, a mobile app that handled timesheets and tracked employees hours and PTO, remote surveillance and monitoring systems, a GPS asset tracking systems, and much more.

Cobalt was eventually liquidated and dissolved in early 2017. I stayed until the end to help with the process.

From Sep 2004 To Sep 2010

(6 years 1 Month)

Blue Ridge Resources, LLC Midland, TX

Automation Manager / Area Manager

My father and some partners started Blue Ridge Resources while I was in highschool. I started working for them, while attending college, as a low level roustabout and worked my way to one of two Area Manager positions. I designed and oversaw workover operations, tank battery installations, pipeline construction, fishing jobs, designed transfer pumps, and set up disposal systems.

I also designed custom systems with automated callouts with alerts for various alarms and events, designed and installed automation systems, installed and repaired Variable Frequency Drives. I also built many custom systems to ease the employees’ workflow, a mobile app for pumpers to input tank readings that were automatically evaluated and stored, remote surveillance, GPS asset tracking systems, etc.

Skills & Language

Front End
Angular Angular
Bootstrap Bootstrap
jQuery jQuery
React React
Back End
Apache Apache
Docker Docker
Express Express.js
Linux Linux
MongoDB MongoDB
Mysql Mysql
PostgreSQL Postgres
Gimp Gimp
Illustrator Illustrator
Inkscape Inkscape
Photoshop Photoshop
Electron Electron
Meteor Meteor
Node.js Node.js
Wordpress Wordpress
Git Git
Gulp Gulp
Jetbrains Jetbrains IDEs
Visual Studio VS Code
Visual Studio Visual Studio
Webpack Webpack
Machine Learning
Keras Keras
Pytorch Pytorch
Tensorflow Tensorflow
Tensorflow Tensorflow.js
Theano Theano
Arduino Arduino
Eagle CAD Eagle CAD
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi


  • Javascript Javascript: Advanced
  • Typescript Typescript: Advanced
  • Python Python: Advanced
  • PHP PHP: Advanced
  • Bash Bash: Intermediate
  • SQL SQL: Intermediate
  • C++ C++: Intermediate

Personal Projects


In the game No Man's Sky, there are millions of possible ships due to the way their procedural generation works. Many players edit their save files with a custom seed to get a desired ship. I built No Man's Seeds to host numerous seed dumps that I have done. It has a Node.js/express backend and a Typescript/React frontend. I built a block loader/unloader that allows users to scroll through thousands of images on a single page without affecting performance because it unloads blocks of images that are not inside the viewport. I used machine learning and Kmeans clustering via Python to create sorting tables to group similar images together. To generate the images, I made a mod for the game that will reward me an item. I then edit the reward in the system memory to be able to generate and capture thousands of seeds programmatically.

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I was experimenting with datamining PC games and focused on Fallout 76. Over time, I was able to extract every object in the game. I created an interactive online map for others to use that uses this data. It is currently one of the most used online resources in the game and the most popular map. Before the game started loosing popularity, I was averaging 60k unique users a month. This project uses a NodeJS backend with Express. The front end is built in React.

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AI Generated Artwork

I have probably spent too much time on AI generated artwork. Google's Deep Dream inspired me to get into the field. However, one can only look at so many AI generated pictures with dog faces everywhere before they have had enough. I have created algorithms in Tensorflow that can generate artwork in an infinite amount of styles. It has generated way too many to include them all here, but I have uploaded some videos to Youtube where I had the network process the entire intro to Rick and Morty in various different styles for your viewing pleasure/ horror.

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Learn to Read with Minecraft

When my daughter was in the first grade, she was struggling with reading. She loves Minecraft. So I built this little reading game my wife and I can play with her to help develop her reading skills. The game is built using React.js. It only took a few hours to throw together, but we play it almost every day.

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Naming Trees

My wife and I had a band 10 years back. Together we wrote, performed, recorded and mastered our own album. It can be listened to below.

Crude Cloud
https://crudecloud.com (inactive)

A remote oilfield monitoring system that I built both the website, webapp and hardware for. Hardware examples can be found here:


Midland Memes and Jokes

A website / Facebook page that produced jokes and memes specific to Midland TX. It currently has about 24,000 followers and made the local news and newspaper, NPR, and Texas Monthly Magazine.

Oilfield Handbook
https://oilfieldhandbook.com (inactive)

A website/webapp that had numerous calculators, reference charts, and diagnosis strategies in it. The software was absorbed by a previous employer.

https://ownalarm.com (inactive)

An open source smart home system that I was developing both software and hardware for. Some hardware examples can be found here:


Midland Pokemon
https://midlandpokemon.com (inactive)

I built hundreds of virtual android devices that simulated walking in circles around Midland, TX to find all of the Pokemon for Pokemon Go. The bots uploaded all the data to a website that displayed maps of the Pokemon. It had around 5,000 daily users at the time.

Basin Weight-loss Challenge
https://bwlc.org (inactive)

A monthly competition website for locals in the Permian Basin to compete to see who could lose the most weight. We had monthly meetups with prizes.

Midessa Jobs
https://midessajobs.com (inactive)

A job posting website that targeted jobs in the Midland/Odessa Area.

https://chubwar.com (inactive)

A weight loss tracking and competing platform I developed that automated creating and monitoring weight loss competitions for groups.

Upgraded Memories
https://upgradedmemories.com (inactive)

A startup for digitizing large sets of old photos. I built a really cool tracking system and automation system for scanning and tracking the orders.

https://gpluscow.com (inactive)

A website that integrated with a game on Google Plus (City of Wonder) and allowed players to request help for building and crafting, find allies, and had tasks to complete to earn in game credits. It was heavily used at the time and had over 2,000 daily users.

Halloween Costumes

Every year, my wife and I try to build an amazing costume for our daughter. I usually do a custom circuit board, 3d print parts, and program it with Arduino.

example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMP8VYtgkC-/

progress video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLNWkqLAUq8/
WIFI / Web App Remote Control Rover
demo video: https://youtu.be/SGnRjt1juoY
Subpixel Upscaling
article: https://neuralpixels.com/subpixel-upscaling/

I have done a lot of research into developing models for image enlargement. This is an outline of some of my research into subpixel upscaling.

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